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  • Whynot designs six new stoves for Edilkamin

    03/04/2017 by ID.Studio

    Presented in preview at the fair FlamExpo of Lyon and the ISH in Frankfurt, the new range of Edilkamin stoves, six designed by WHYNOT!.

  • Forging and moulding: hammers and presses

    25/03/2017 by ID.Engineering

    Moulding and forging are production processes in which the material is deformed plastically, in order to change its initial form by applying external compression forces o […]

  • Domotex 2017: the state of wood and parquet in EU

    09/03/2017 by ID.Engineering

    The season of European fairs is launched, starting with Germany that in January has given hospitality to Domotex (wooden floor) in Hannover and the IMM showroom (furnitur […]

  • Scatolificio 2g: innovative packaging for your products

    01/03/2017 by ID.Studio

    For Scatolificio 2G box is a communication tool and not just a box. Visit the new Scatolificio 2G website where you'll find the latest boxes!.

  • 2L Electronics

    24/02/2017 by ID.Engineering

    Printed circuit boards testing and complete electric-electronic devices assembling.

  • OLED, low cost modules for embedded and standalone

    24/02/2017 by ID.Engineering

    OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is the technology that promises to revolutionize the next future display systems market. Here is a quick and practical way to use them […]